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At our various locations, you may choose to have a host of on-floor promotion activities. These activities complement and support conventional media activities.

Diverse interactive activities can take place at Q cinemas:


arrows  Product launches
arrows  Product displays and on-the-floor contests
arrows  Tie ups with F&B or Menu branding at the café.
arrows  Product Sampling.
arrows  Ticket jackets.
arrows  Events.
arrows  Movie schedules.
arrows  Seat Jackets.

Innovative Campaigns can be held at Q Cinemas as per your campaign requirement.

arrows  Jingles during the intervals
arrows  Laser shows
arrows  Lucky seat contest
arrows  Projection TV screening of sporting events etc.
arrows  Inflatable objects
arrows  Gobo projections.
arrows  Music programming
arrows  Ticket backs
arrows  Interactive Voice Response (IVP)
arrows  Ticket flyers – home delivery
arrows  Branding on ticket envelopes
arrows  Automobile displays.

Branding on the big screen helps make a bigger impact.
  arrows  Slide displays.
arrows  Commercial displays.
Brand  visibility at various strategic places within the premises, in form of floor or wall displays.

arrows  Signages (back lit & front lit)
arrows  Danglers
arrows  Lift graphics
arrows  Staircase
arrows  Box office
arrows  Restrooms
arrows  Floor stickers
arrows  Standees

Brands can tie up with a particular movie across all our properties:
  arrows  On-the-floor contests based on the theme of the movie
arrows  Press advertisements, radio spots, flyers, banners and standees inside the cinema
arrows  Web advertising and newsletters
In order to target film buffs and opinion leaders You have the opportunity to participte in pre release screening:
  arrows   Your brand's logo can be placed on press ads, slides, flyers, newsletters and standees along with periodic mention in radio spots
arrows   On ground contest, promoting it via press and radio
Participating In Movie festivals will help you associate with audience of specific tastes. We facilitate Movie festivals that attract different profiles. Help you in custom designed approach that works for your brand so as to ensure maximum impact. As an associate you may tke part in the following activities:
  arrows   On-the-floor contests
arrows   Press ads, radio spots, flyers, newsletters and standees
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